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How to Hit Golf Clubs Better – Tutorial for Beginners

In my opinion, beginner golfers struggle to understand different purposes for irons, drivers and woods, and that’s their main problem, not the perfect swing. Swing speed and quality gets better as you practice, but learning these things can be a little exhausting and to be honest, confusing. But it doesn’t have to be, and i’ll teach you how to easily and quickly learn the basics of golf. Just follow this tutorial of mine, and when you’re done reading, you’ll know a lot more about golf and golf clubs. First thing to remember is to think twice before buying any product, because you might realise very next day that you don’t need it. Salesmen are very good at convincing you, and don’t let them trick you into buying beginners golf clubs that you don’t necessarily need. I would recommend buying or borrowing used set of golf clubs, because it’s cheaper (sometimes free) and you can’t get ripped off on those. If you have a friend who plays golf a lot, just ask them and they’ll probably have old golf clubs they don’t use anymore, but are still in great shape. That way, you won’t have to spend a dime on golf gear and you’ll gain valuable experience. And after becoming a little more experienced, you can always buy new set of clubs.¬†driver

So, let’s talk about drivers. Drivers are the most important individual golf clubs in any club set, especially if it belongs to beginners. And it’s usually the first golf club we use to hit the ball. There are many little details that you need to know in order to choose best driver for beginners, but i’m not going to be writing about those today. Check out GolfClubsGuru‘s article to learn more on that matter. In this article, i’ll be focusing on giving tips to beginners about golf clubs and teaching how to use them.

I would recommend all beginners to go for drivers with extra large sweetspots. Because that will take pressure off you to hit perfectly, by increasing the chance of doing so. Callaway’s big bertha driver was the first one with oversized head. Then, after seeing that beginner golfers and even experienced ones loved it, more and more companies joined the trend and started to flood market with various drivers with oversized heads. The end result is that ¬†there are lots of high quality beginners golf drivers, but most of them are pretty bad. So that’s why it is so crucial to read golf driver reviews like above to see through the advertisements and make the right choice. Golf drivers are mostly made of either 2 of these materials – steel and titanium. As far as i know, titanium drivers tend to be more expensive, and there’s no big difference to them, so i would recommend to stick with drivers made of steel. There are also drivers with wooden heads, but they are not nearly as effective as titanium and steel drivers.


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