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Best Womens Golf Clubs – Final Review

There are so many golf clubs for women on market right now, but most of them are total garbage. For example, after buying golf club set for my wife, I had to wait 2 weeks to get it delivered and try it out for the first time. But I wish delivery time was the only problem. After playing couple of rounds, my wife’s driver started to make weird noises, and ultimately it cracked. Although we haven’t paid much for it, we expected it to last at least couple of months before my wife decided to upgrade to better set. After that accident, we made it our goal to find best womens golf clubs sold today, and create one comprehensive list of them.  During our research on best ladies golf clubs, we came up with this wonderful article, which I wish I’ve read before getting that cheap womens golf set – http://www.golfclubsguru.com/best-womens-golf-clubs .

Because of our last experience with affordable ladies’ golf club set,solaire gems we decided to spend a little more money this time and get high quality product that would last at least one year. And we wanted to go with famous brand, which wouldn’t hang up on us while calling customer service like the old one did. We defined two major brands that were selling best golf clubs for women in 2016 – Adams and Callaway. Adams only had one golf club set, which was being sold for about 700$, while Callaway had 2 different options – 370$ brand new set, which was getting tons of positive reviews, and Callaway Solaire set which cost about 800$, but also had lots of satisfied customers to back up its quality and value. Before making a decision, we also had to clear up few concerns we had. First of all, we wanted to make sure ladies’ golf club set of our choice was light and convenient to carry. My wife doesn’t work out that much and just started playing golf, so she was uncomfortable carrying heavy golf clubs and other accessories with her back. She was also concerned about the style and design of the golf clubs. I personally don’t care how my clubs look, but she wanted to get specific colors that would fit her outfits and I understand. And the last one, me and my wife wanted to make sure that we weren’t overpaying for womens golf club sets, so we had to read all customer reviews manually to find out about flaws and advantages of each particular product.

Best Ladies’ Golf Clubs

We found out that all three sets I’ve named above are three of the best womens golf clubs on market right now. But we didn’t see much difference between 350$ set and the other two, so we decided to go with cheaper one. Most womens golf club reviews suggest to grab these golf clubs as well, so I’m looking forward to trying it out on golf course. I hope I won’t regret paying less like I did last time.


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