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Best Golf Clubs for Beginner Men

If you’re old guy who decided to start playing golf in his fifties just like me, you’ll probably want to read the guide I’m going to write now, which reviews choosing best golf clubs for beginners that are high quality and game improving. First of all, when thinking about buying beginners golf clubs, you need to decide whether it is club set that you want to buy, or individual clubs customized for your taste. Personally, I’d recommend getting good beginner golf clubs set, because you probably don’t have thousands of dollars to waste on expensive clubs and other golf accessories.  The sets that come with all the accessories – stand bag, head covers, putter, wedges and of course, all the necessary clubs, are the best golf club sets for beginners. Because they save you a lot of time and trouble of shopping for best starter golf clubs. Instead, you get the whole package, made by trusted brands like Callaway, which will be perfect for you to start out – because they cost very little, and even if you decide to give up on golf, you won’t have to sell expensive golf gear for much cheaper price.

best beginner golf clubs

Personally, I think Callaway beginners clubs are the best.  I got 18 piece set, which costs less than 400$, and it came with dozen of golf clubs, head covers for those clubs and gorgeous stand bag. If I were to buy all these products separately, it would probably cost me twice as much. Lesson learned that you always save when buying in bulk.best golf clubs for beginners

Some people say that these golf clubs are low quality and don’t last very long. But I have to respectfully disagree, I purchased mine 2 years ago, and after almost everyday use, they are still functioning and look nice, so they’ve proven that they’re best golf clubs for beginners ever made. Some people might not agree with me, and buy golf club sets manufactured by other brands, but this is my personal opinion and I recommend you the same golf clubs that worked for me.

I remember that my package arrived in just 2 days after placing my order. I unpacked my golf set as soon as possible and went to local golf course in Nashville to try it out in action. These golf clubs are as great now as they were then. I’ve learned a lot since then, and I hope these will last me at least few more seasons. I don’t feel like using old golf club set, because Callaway has done great job with its designs and everyone compliments me on my golf clubs.

This fantastic golf stand bag is whole another topic. It’s so convenient and stylish at the same time. It’s standard stand bag, so that is also advantage. If I were to buy this stand bag separately, it’d probably cost hundred dollars alone. When holding, I can feel that it’s made from very high quality fabrics. To sum up, don’t miss out on these Callaway golf clubs if you want to buy the best golf clubs for beginners.



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